This is the draft for my first project (Project 1 - Remix)

So what is this piece about? What is the point that it is trying to make?

The purpose of this piece is to break our perceived language barriers. I was always interested in language and how each word

can have a different meaning. Just try it for yourself. Go to Google Translate and type a sentence in English.

Browse through the many languages it has to offer and see for yourself how one sentence can have multiple meanings in many languages.

My goal here isn't to create a divide between languages, it is to create a bridge between them, so that we all can have shared appreciation of the capacities of the human mind.


Hello! A simple gesture, a single smile Seeing the world in style Come fly free in high air miles Hello! Come fly with me, and see the sights. Come say hi to the world’s delights. Say hi to new friends. Say hello! ¡HOLA! ¿Como estas mi amigo? ¿Quieres ver el mundo conmigo? Mira los campos de abundante trigo Y los sonidos del aire. Testigo. ¡Hola! ¡Es divertido hablar español! Aprendamos bajo el sol. Sonríe como el soleado girasol. ¡Hola! こんにちわ! わたしたちはよいともだちなりましょう。 わたしはがくせいなので、まだまなんでいます。 しかし、わたしもせかいをみたいとおもています。 こんにちわ! あしたはかぜがわたしにつたえます。 あなたとわたしはあたらしいきぼでよあけけに のぞんでいます。 こんにちわ! Привет! Давайте пойдем к моему дому. Вы можете играть в игры со мной. Я могу научить вас, если вы не знаете. Привет! Забавно, как мир настолько мал. И друзья могут приехать со всего мира. Привет! 여보세요 나랑 백화점에 가고 싶니? 우리가 함께하면 좋을 것 같습니다. 나는 많은 선물을 살 것이다. 여보세요, 그 영화보고 싶어? 재미있을 것. 여보세요 Salut! Voulez-vous des bonbons? C'est un symbole de mon amitié. Un jeton. Comme un message trouvé dans une flacon. Salut! Kamusta! Gusto mo bang maglaro ng sipa? Gamit mo lang ay isip at paa. Pero bakit mahirap pa rin laruin? Kamusta! Doon tayo sa sangtabi maglaro. Para makaiwas sa aksidente. Kamusta!

After Quatrain jGnoetry Generation

 come fly しかし、わたしもせかいをみたいとおもています。 bajo 나랑 with! Привет! Come fly со? Дому hello こんにちわ! c'est
Un symbole el мал. Sonríe como! Doon あなたとわたしはあたらしいきぼでよあけけに のぞんでいます。 fly mo
こんにちわ! ¡hola! Привет! Voulez-vous к моему дому. Un el давайте kamusta
Если вы можете 함께하면. ¡hola, a simple 살 mira игры doon in style.


 I can teach you if come fly but I also want to see the world. Short with me. With Hello's. Come fly with Home. Hello-hello! It is
a symbol of animals. Smile like over there. You and I are staring at a new dawn. You fly 
Hello's. Hello-hello. Do you want to my house? Let's say hi in a if you can. 
Together. Hello! A simple flesh. Look! Games over there in style.


I can teach you if you come fly.
But I also want you to see the world.
Short temper, I know but bear with me.
With hello's we come flying home.
You say hello, and I say hello.

It is a symbol that even animals know.
Smiles, likes, and gesturing hands over there.
Smiles: like you and I stare at a new dawn.
A dawn where we fly together.

Hello! My house is your house.
Let us exchange our welcomes in earnest.
And say hi to new friends if we can.

Hello. A simple greeting of the flesh.
Of smiles and gestures.
Look! Say Hello.
And face this game called life
together, with style.
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